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Rescue the Animals, SPCA

Get to Know Us

Founded in 1998, Rescue the Animals, SPCA covers over 20 West Texas counties helping homeless animals, promoting spay/neuter, and fighting animal abuse and neglect.  We are a 501 C 3 non-profit making all donations tax deductible, and all of our funding is from private donations.

Unlike most rescues, we operate on a national basis through our own Pets On The Go National Network with rescue group partners in 41 states and Canada.  Like FedEx moves all its packages thru Memphis, we move all our animals thru Abilene and then adopt them out through our partners, expanding our market nationally.

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Where do our animals come from?

  • We have been saving animals from the City of Abilene Animal Shelter for 24 years. 

  • We take animals from abuse, neglect, and hoarding seizures all over West Texas. 

  • Our partners select animals from 24 hour kill lists throughout Texas and send them to us. 

  • We take as many animals as we can from rural shelters that have virtually no adoption demand. 

  • We also take old, sick, and injured animals that no one else wants.

What Happens at our Rehabilitation and Transportation Center in Abilene?

Our physical facility is the largest one we know of in the nation that ONLY houses animals for rehabilitation or those awaiting transportation.  We often have over 100 animals in our kennels.

Animals receive a workup including basic tests and vaccinations.

Major medical work is a huge part of our budget.  Surgeries like amputations, eye removals, repairing broken or shattered bones is performed by veterinarians.  Plus we treat parvo, heartworms, and other major illnesses.


Where do our animals go?

Since many of the animals are selected and sent to Abilene by our partners, about 90% already have homes waiting for them when they arrive in Abilene.  Often when the transport arrives in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Florida a pre-approved family is waiting for their new pet!

Due to the way the Rehabilitation Center works, we do not adopt many animals locally.  This means 1500 or more pet homes locally that can be filled with animals from the Abilene Animal Shelter.  When we do have animals available for local adoption, they will be posted on our facebook or instagram pages and can be seen by appointment only.

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