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How it Works

Dachshund Races

Please Check in at Registration Table before the Races

  • 2 Humans are needed for Races. Each wear a Number sticker, one at start line (end closest to building) one at finish line.

  • Announcer will call heats & dogs by # and name (example #32, Daisy)

  • There are 10 lanes, please line up in lane corresponding with second digit in your number. (example 31 in lane 1, 50 in lane 10)

  • Announcer will say GO.  If a dog is release before that, it may be disqualified or heat may be started over.

  • Dog must cross finish line on it’s own.  PLEASE do not reach over line to grab dog, this will result in disqualification.

  • One winner from each heat moves to the semifinal heats.  

  • Owner will be notified after heat if their dog has been picked to run in a Goof-Off race just prior to the semifinals.

  • Semifinal heats will be called by dog name and number, please just choose a lane to race in.

  • One winner from each semifinal heat will move on to the finals. 

  • All semifinalists will receive a medal at the end of the final race.

  •  Finalists will receive trophies.

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